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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tipsy Squares Quilt & Table Runner

What to do with a sampling of pretty fabrics?

I was given a roll of sample fabrics in this lovely turquoise, I didn't have a lot of yardage but it was very yummy fabric!

I set out to find a fun & easy pattern that I could whip up in an afternoon.

I came across the "Tipsy Tumbler Tutorial" by the The Missouri Star Quilt Company. I wondered what it would look like made with squares rather than tumblers?

I used 16 - 10" squares of white background fabric, I chose a soft white Moda Bella solid. I cut my turquoise fabric into 5" squares. I placed a 5"square on top of a 10" square, folded one side of the 10" square over, encasing the raw edge of the 5" square, and sewed at a 1/4". I repeated on the opposite side, and then repeated for the top and bottom edges.  All of the edges of the 5" square were encased in seams, and I was left with a really wonky looking block. After pressing I squared all of my blocks to 8". I sewed the blocks into 4 rows of 4, the perfect centre for a baby quilt. I used the remainder of my turquoise fabric for a scrappy border. Cute, right? The finished quilt is 34"x 34".

I was asked to demo this quilt at a Guild meeting, and thought I should have more than one sample. So I made a table runner...

For the Table Runner I modernized it a bit by choosing grey for the 10" squares and 4 patches for the centre squares. I made the 4 patches with 2 1/2" squares, so they were 4 1/2"before placing them on the 10" squares. I thought 8 blocks would be about the right for a table-runner. I think this one turned out really cute as well! My table-runner measures 15" x 30", perfect for an easy hostess gift.

My demo was a big hit at guild, with several ladies making their own versions. Each and everyone has been unique. how fun!

Check out the tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Company,

 Tipsy Tumbler - Missouri Star Quilt Company

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